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We are using Rebex for sending web mail.
* While sending mail getting different SMTP exception response code for same reason with different mail client.
* Getting same SMTPException response code for different reason.
Ex : in Yahoo Response Code : 535 is for wrong password and as well as for Less secure app turned off exception.

So is there any Rebex document, I can find SMTPException specific to Rebex SMTP mail API's??

This will be helpful to handle all exception Rebex API throws, Instead of doing just trial and error.


Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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please note that all response codes are reported by the SMTP server, not the client.

The reported Response Code: 535 is specific to Yahoo, other server can have other error code for the same.

We don't have a document describing error codes, because it is server specific and we implement the client part.

I suggest you to handle exception, notify user that "Login failed." Then provide more detailed info which can contain exception message or server response and finally provide some hints (e.g. check your credentials, enable Less secure app, etc.)