Can The Bandwidth Used By SFTP/SCP Be Limited?

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asked Nov 4, 2010 by Michael Naz (150 points)
edited Jul 26, 2011

Hi, I'm interested in the Rebex SSH and SFTP/SCP products. I would like to know if they provide the ability to limit the network bandwidth used for file transfers. I need to be able to establish an SFTP (or SCP) connection to a server and restrict the network bandwidth used to 50k (for example). Right now I'm using an open source SCP library that doesn't have this ability, and during transfers of large files I can fully saturate a 768k circuit.


Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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answered Nov 5, 2010 by Lukas Pokorny (124,610 points)
edited Jul 26, 2011
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At the moment, this is possible with Rebex FTP/SSL. However, the next version of Rebex SFTP will have this feature as well (only for SFTP, not for SCP yet). I will send you a link to the current beta, you can give it a try if you wish.


Bandwidth throttling support was added to Rebex SFTP in build 4060 released in February 2011. To limit maximum upload/download speed in kilobytes per second set Sftp.MaxDownloadSpeed or Sftp.MaxUploadSpeed properties.