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I want to migrate a mailbox to Outlook Archive Online but I can't find the Archive Online.

To list all the folders I am using the following code:

Imap.GetFolderList("", ImapFolderListMode.Subscribed, false);

However the code retrieves only the directories of main mailbox. Is it possible to list the Archive Online directories (In Place) only?

Thank you!

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'ImapFolderListMode.Subscribed' is used with along with 'Imap.Subscribe()' method. This flag instructs the IMAP server that you want to list only sbscribed folders. Please, try to use ImapFolderListMode.All insted. Additionally, you do not want to list folders recursively, so you get folders from root level only. Please, try to turn the recursive mode on.

From Microsoft's documentation page it looks like that the Online Archive feature uses secondary mailbox. If it is true, what I wrote above will not work. You have to login to that "secondary" mailbox instead. You can read how to connect to another mailbox in this forum post: http://forum.rebex.net/4684/connecting-to-an-exchange-2010-shared-mailbox-using-imap?show=4684#q4684

And last, if none will work, you can try our EWS Browser sample and see if the server will list the folders using Exchange Web Service based approach.

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Hi Pavel. Thank you for your reply.

However I'm still with problems to access the archive online. Sorry me for my doubt, but the 'In Place Archive' is same as 'Shared Mailbox' which you said in your previous answer?  

To improve the understanding of my problem I'm sending a little description of my scenario. I have two users (user1@mail.com and user2@mail.com). The user1 is configured to access all features of user2 mailbox. To connect in user2 mailbox I am using the following code:

Imap.Login("user2@mail.com\0user1@mail.com", "mail1password");

Using this code the user1 can access all folders of user2 perfectly and perform all actions which I want but I can't access the 'In Place Archive' of user2. I tried to access the mailbox following the tips in previous answer but I can't have success. Do you know same way to access the mailbox?

Sorry if my doubt is stupid or obvious but I'm beginner in those technologies.
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From the Microsoft's documentation page it seems that the Online Archive feature is similar or same as Shared Mailbox, but I am not sure also. In any way, accessing mailbox of other user is not the same as accessing Shared Mailbox from the server's point of view, as Shared Mailbox do not have its own user account.

So, can you access the archive mailbox using its primary user, that is "user2"?

I also found a note that IMAP clients are not allowed to access Exchange Online Archiving feature: "If your account is from Office 365, it’s not feasible to  achieve Exchange Online Archiving by using IMAP in the Outlook client."   http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/msoffice_outlook/office-365-in-place-archive-not-showing-in-outlook/55fe53d8-0b38-409c-b3e9-209782f13bed

so I am not sure if you can use any IMAP client to access folders that are archived using  Online Archive feature.