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When I use GetFileLength returns Subcommand SIZE not valid (500). However, when I use a GUI tool like filezilla I am able to see file sizes. Forgive me if that is an unfair comparison. But, if it works if Filezilla I would think I should be able to get file sizes with Rebex.

Oddly, Im able to download the file, but not able to check if the FileExists or GetFileLength.

Has anybody seen this before?

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Hello, to tell what exactly is going on I would need a communication log, but this is my hypothesis:

  1. The server doesn't support SIZE command (because of the received error), so getting file length or checking file existence of a single file is not supported by this server.

  2. FileZilla sends the LIST (or MLSD) command to list the content of the folder. The response contains file names and sizes. FileZilla doesn't send SIZE or any other command for each separate file.

  3. If you use Ftp.GetList() method, you will very probably receive file lengths as well as FileZilla.

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Thank you for the quick reply. This was indeed helpful and informative. The server does not support SIZE, but does support LIST.