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Yahoo n Outlook doesn't support keywords.

Will iCloud and Rediff support Keywords ?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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We don't have a list of IMAP servers which supports keywords feature, sorry.

However, you can simply try it for any IMAP server by the SetMessageFlags and Search methods.

If you have at least one mail in the INBOX folder, you can do it simply like this:

var client = new Imap();


client.SetMessageFlags(1, ImapFlagAction.Add, ImapMessageFlags.Keywords, "Test-KW");

ImapMessageCollection list = client.Search(ImapSearchParameter.Keyword("Test-KW"));


If the IMAP server supports keywords feature, the list collection would not be empty.

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I need to see the assigned keyword in the email headers .. how can i fetch that
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Keywords are a feature of IMAP protocol - they are not part of the message itself and don't appear in email headers. They are just IMAP metadata and can be retrieved using Imap object's GetMessageInfo method:
            ImapMessageInfo info = client.GetMessageInfo(id, ImapListFields.Flags);
            string[] keywords = info.GetKeywords();
(where 'id' is sequence number or unique ID of the message)
Alternatively, GetMessageList also retrieves them when ImapListFields.Flags flag has been specified.
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How to get only MessageID from MessageList without other headers
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The easiest way, how to get the MessageID header is to specify ImapListFields.Envelope parameter in desired method (GetMessageInfo or GetMessageList).
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Have any Working  Code to Maintain IMAP  IDLE  for Notification . Please Share
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Please visit the (Getting list of changes)[http://www.rebex.net/secure-mail.net/features/imap-folders.aspx#detecting-changes] for short example. Or look at the (ImapBrowser sample)[http://www.rebex.net/sample/imap-winform-client/] for working sample code.