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Almost decided to purchase Rebex SecureMail. I read your documentations which says POP3 searching capabilities are limited. Wanted to be absolute sure that this feature is possible even through an alternate way.

Our requirement is to build an email client into our CRM. It means we need to support all of protocols IMAP, POP3 OR EWS.

The filtering of emails would be based on ticket numbers in the subject line. So, when a particular case is opened in our CRM, all emails (IN/OUT) pertaining to that ticket number to be listed.

I know, this is possible in IMAP and EWS. Please let me know if it is possible in POP3 as well.

Thanks in advance.


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Unfortunately, this is not possibly with POP3. This is a limitation of the POP3 protocol itself - it simply does not have any searching capabilities at all. Additionally, POP3 protocol doesn't even make it possible to retrieve a subset of the list of messages present at the server, which means integrating a POP3 client into a CRM might be very tricky.

You might still be able to achieve what you need if simply use POP3 server to retrieve messages, and store&index them yourself in your CRM, but that would be much more complicated than simply performing a search with IMAP or EWS.