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Below is a simple C# code segment which fails for a LINUX created .GZ file:

ZipArchive arch;
arch = new ZipArchive(filePath + tZname, ArchiveOpenMode.Open);

Using Rebex ZIP 2015 R4.1 for .NET 4.0-4.6 (File Version 2.0.5715.0)


Applies to: Rebex ZIP

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Rebex ZIP has high-level API for compressing/decompressing GZip archives since release 2012R2.

However, there is a separate class Rebex.IO.Compression.Gzip to work with .GZ archives.

A sample code for zipping and unzipping *.gz files follows:

    void CreateGzipArchive()
        Gzip gz = new Gzip();
        gz.Compress(@"C:\data\*.txt", TraversalMode.MatchFilesShallow, @"C:\data\archive.gz");

    static void DecompressGzipArchive()
        Gzip gz = new Gzip();
        gz.Decompress(@"C:\data\archive.gz", @"C:\data\unzippedFiles");

You are right that the standard ZipArchive class does not support .GZ - we might improve the exception message in the case when someone tried decompressing .GZ with ZipArchive so that they learn about GZip class.

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The exception message has been improved in Rebex ZIP 2018 R1: https://www.rebex.net/zip.net/history.aspx#2018R1