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Hi All,

I have alot of PowerShell scripts that use Rebex.Net.sFtp but now have a need to use Rebex.Net.Ftp. The site that I am connecting to requires us to use Port 990 (SSL/TLS Implicit) I have found examples where is says to use connect(hostname, SslMode.Implicit) but when I do that in PowerShell it does not like the second argument. Does anyone know how to handle in PowerShell?

Thank You in Advance,

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Hello Scott,

thanks for using Rebex products!

Here is a powershell script that connects to the Ftp server on port 990 with implicit TLS/SSL mode:

Add-Type -Path "c:\Program Files (x86)\Rebex Components 2015 R3.1\bin\net-4.0\Rebex.Ftp.dll"

$ftp = New-Object Rebex.Net.Ftp
$ftp.Connect("test.rebex.net", [Rebex.Net.SslMode]::Implicit)
$ftp.Login("demo", "password")

FYI, Rebex.Net.SslMode is an enum, working with enums from PowerShell is a bit tricky and is discussed e.g. at this Microsoft site.

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Thanks Tomas! That worked.
We have been using Rebex to upload and download files using vb.net.  Recently one of our client is switching to TLS 1.2.  I tried to use the client.Connect(hostname, SslMode.Explicit)
 and I'm getting error message "Sslmode" is not declared.
Is there a library I need to include? Te version of rebex we have is 4  yrs old.  
Is there a sample code that I can use fopr TLS1.2 ?
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Rebex.Net.SslMode enum has been available since 2012. Make sure you reference Rebex.Ftp.dll, Rebex.Networking.dll and Rebex.Common.dll from your application and try recompiling it then.