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I have DataGridView that list all the files to upload simultaneously.
Since TransferProgressChanged is available to the all upload/download session, can I pass a unique reference such as row number so that I can easily update rows in DataGridView for the progress?

I don't prefer the Async version for upload/download since I'm having hard time dealing with the retry logic.

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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The TransferProgressChanged event is raised internally, so there is none such possibility to pass some unique reference there.

The one reference that I thought that you could use with combination of the simple sync PutFile / GetFile methods to differentiate the correct row in your DataGridView would be using the SftpProblemDetectedEventArgs.LocalPath or SftpProblemDetectedEventArgs.RemotePath to differentiate which transferring file have changed its progress.

void sftp_ProblemDetected(object sender, SftpProblemDetectedEventArgs e)