Problem with DetectPrompt

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asked Sep 29, 2014 by sujayghosh (360 points)
edited Sep 30, 2014

The terminal prompt is "login as" , without the quotes.

I am using the following code, to log into the terminal.

On executing the program , I am seeing an error , "Could not automatically detect prompt"

            var sshVar = new Ssh();

            sshVar.Login("userid", "pwd");

            // create a new instance of VirtualTerminal
            // (creates an SSH shell session)
            VirtualTerminal terminal = sshVar.StartVirtualTerminal();

            Scripting script = terminal.Scripting;

Please let me know what should be done.


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answered Sep 30, 2014 by Pavel Matyska (15,060 points)
edited Sep 30, 2014

Hello, let's continue in the other thread you created since both are exactly same questions.

Other thread link: