When using KerberosV5 on remote machine I get '0x8009030E has occurred in SSPI interop'

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asked Jul 30, 2014 by MattD (120 points)
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When using KerberosV5 on a remote machine I get '0x8009030E has occurred in SSPI interop'

I have a web service on a domain with windows authentication. I use impersonation to run the following code

            var credentials = new SshGssApiCredentials();
            var ssh = new Ssh();
            string toReturn;
                toReturn = ssh.RunCommand(command);
            catch (SshException sshException)
                toReturn = sshException.Message;

            if (ssh.IsConnected) ssh.DisconnectAsync();

            return toReturn;

What's odd is this is working perfectly on my development platform (Win 7 x64)from my development platform.

It's when I try to trigger the call from a remote platform that I encounter this error.

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answered Jul 31, 2014 by Lukas Pokorny (128,250 points)
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The 0x8009030E error is SEC_E_NO_CREDENTIALS and comes from Windows Kerberos libraries and means "No credentials are available in the security package", which indicates there were no Kerberos tickets available to be used for authentication.

What are the differences between your development platform and the remote platform? Is the code a part of a webservice running as a part of a web application in a web server, and are there any differences there? (For example, integrated Visual Studio web server on development platform vs IIS on the remote platrform.) Also, what OS does the remote platform run?