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Sir i have requirement of this solution ,I am trying to store mail in inbos but mails are storing like a draft.And mails are showing "This message has not been sent message ",

And my work is that I have to show mail with time of sending.How to remove this meaage from mails.

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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I am going to assume you use the Imap class and StoreMessage method to store a mail in the Inbox of an IMAP server. Is this correct?

The IMAP protocol itself doesn't distinguish between e-mail that have and have not been sent, so the message you are seeing might be produced by the e-mail client in which you see it - would it be possible to let us know where the message is actually showing? For example, the client might add some custom header into already-sent e-mail, and in order to remove the message, you would have to do that as well.

Downloading two e-mails - one with and the other without the message - should make it possible to compare them and the difference. I needed, send us two sample e-mails for analysis to support@rebex.net (in a ZIP file to prevent any modifications to be done during the transfer).