TerminalControl: The request has failed

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asked May 8, 2014 by Andre (650 points)
edited May 12, 2014

Hi, Do you have any idea what would lead to that error. It previously worked well and I don't see what would had changed to do that. When I try to bind my new SSHSession at my TerminalControl it crash.

My line #144: this.terminalControl.Bind(this.session);

The Error:

Rebex.Net.SshException: The request has failed. at Rebex.Net.SshChannel.ZB(SU A) at Rebex.Net.SshChannel.RequestPseudoTerminal(String terminal, Int32 width, Int32 height) at Rebex.Net.Ssh.PJ(TerminalOptions A, Int32 B, Int32 C) at Rebex.TerminalEmulation.TerminalControl.DF(IShellChannelFactory A) at Rebex.TerminalEmulation.TerminalControl.Bind(IShellChannelFactory factory) at Devolutions.RemoteDesktopManager.Frames.Embedded.FreEmbeddedSshShell.Connect() in D:\Dev\devolutions\RemoteDesktopManager\Core\Frames\Embedded\FreEmbeddedSSHShell.cs:line 144


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answered May 12, 2014 by Lukas Pokorny (128,290 points)
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The error indicates that the server is rejecting client's attemp to request a pseudo-terminal. A server log should contain more information about the actual reason. When it worked previously, were you using the same server?

commented May 12, 2014 by Andre (650 points)
edited May 12, 2014

Thanks, I just had to reboot this server.