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I use the following code to connect to a Kerberos server (this code is inside a method that has the parameters:server, username, pwd, domain):

sshSession = new SshSession();
SshGssApiCredentials gssapiCredentials = new SshGssApiCredentials() { UserName = userName, Domain = domain, Password = pwd };
gssapiCredentials.SetMechanisms(SshGssApiMechanisms.KerberosV5, SshGssApiMechanisms.Ntlm);
gssapiCredentials.TargetName = server;

but at the line "sshSession.Authenticate(gssapiCredentials);" it throws an exception: Authentication through SSPI failed.

Thanks very much in advance for your help! Iulia

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as this exception is thrown at more places, please create the communication log using the LogWriter property as described in this article.

Then either post the log here, or send it to support@rebex.net and we will be able to help you.

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Thanks. I've send to you the log result by email.

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This was caused by several incompatibilities between Rebex SSH and OpenSSH. It has been fixed in Rebex Terminal Emulation 2013 R3 / Rebex SFTP 2013 R3.