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I have to interact with a seemingly non-standard FTP server... So when I do a Ftp.GetList() the server doesn't seem to handle the LIST command, but it CAN handle "LS". How can I get Rebex.Net.Ftp to handle this, preferably without modifying the source? I looked into the Rebex.Net.Ftp source code, but "MLSD" and "NLST" are not supported either by the FTP server.

Regards, Jan.

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Unfortunately, this is not possible without modifying Rebex FTP source code because the "LIST" command (just like "MLSD" and "NLST" is hard-coded).

However, we have never heard about an FTP server that would accepts LS instead of LIST - are you sure this is the case? And since you have Rebex FTP source code - are you able to successfully call Ftp.GetList if you do modify the source code?

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I've got it working now, using GetNameList(), so it appears that the server DOES handle the NLST command... GetNameList() will suffice for my purposes, so there is no need anymore to hack on the GetList() implementation! Thanks for the fast response, though!