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Hello, Do you have a suggestion, how can i use rebex to achieve this. We have a one server (Say x ) through which we can access other servers (a,b,c). How can I run a command on server a , and ftp its contents to my machine using rebex dll


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You can use the SshSession class - a part of Rebex.Networking.dll shared library, distributed as a part of all Rebex communication components, including Rebex FTP or Rebex Telnet.

To connect to an FTP or telnet server through an SSH server, use this code:

using Rebex.Net;

// connect to SSH server X
SshSession session = new SshSession();
session.Authenticate(userNameForX, passwordForX);

// connect to FTP server A through SSH server X
Ftp ftp = new Ftp();
ftp.SetSocketFactory(session.ToSocketFactory()); // sets up tunneling through SSH
ftp.Login(userNameForA, passwordForA);

// connect to telnet server B through SSH server X
Telnet telnet = new Telnet("B");
telnet.SetSocketFactory(session.ToSocketFactory()); // sets up tunneling through SSH
// start a Shell 
Shell shell = telnet.StartShell();

// connect to SSH server C through SSH server X
Ssh ssh = new Ssh();
ssh.SetSocketFactory(session.ToSocketFactory()); // sets up tunneling through SSH
ssh.Login("userNameForC", "passwordForC");

A VB.NET sample is available in another forum post.

Other Rebex components (SFTP, IMAP, POP3, SMTP) can also connect over an SSH session in the same way.

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I logged into a Server "A" using SSH conncetion using your Rebex. Now I need to login to Server "B" from here using SSH hostname username & password VB.net. Can you kindly post the code?


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A VB.NET sample is available in another forum post.