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I am using the Rebex trial version for scripting. The ssh scripting takes more time than expected to execute the command. When I execute the same command on Linux server it gives a response in maximum 4-5 but when I execute the same command using Rebex SSH scripting, It takes more than 15-20 min to return a response.

I need the solution for this problem and I also, want to know is Rebex Licence version will work faster than the trial version? Or they provide more functionality/parameters to maintain code.

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Trial and full versions of our components have same functionality and speed. Trial version has 30 day limit of usage, full version has no limit of usage.

How is your command behave when you run it in PuTTY? What do you mean by executing a command "on Linux server"? Are you connected over the network or working directly with the machine? And what do you mean by response of a command is taking long? Executing 'scripting.SendCommand' method takes that long or actually retrieving command output takes that long? If command output is what is slow, can you please provide some code snippet what your script do? Thank you.