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I developed a VB.net app and I used Rebex SSH shell package. I used trial versios of both VB.net and Rebex SSH package. I want to but Rebex SSH package once the proof of concept is done. I picked .exe from my /bin/Debug folder and when I distributed to others - its not working. For few it is saying missing .net framework and for other machines its saying missing rebex dll's. So my question is how to distribute Rebex dlls along with exe and where they need to copy those dll's in their machines? If i buy developer Rebex SSH package only for myself, does it work on other machines too if I distribute the exe and dll's?

Thanks Harris

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Hello Harris

A) missing .net framework - The machines must have Microsoft .NET Framework installed. Even your program which is written in VB will not work without .NET framework. So you have to make sure .NET is installed (proper version - Rebex dll's differ for .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0).

B) missing rebex dll's - Simply place the Rebex dll's which you use from your program into the directory where you put the *.exe file.

Please try the solution above and let us know whether you were able to run your program on other machines.

C) If you buy a developer licence it means you are allowed to distribute the Rebex dll's together with your program. However, your customers are not allowed to redistribute or develop using Rebex dll's.