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I want to know whether SSIS can do SFTP. If yes, how does it work?

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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SSIS does not support a SFTP transfer out of the box. You would need a third party component. You can easily use a Rebex SFTP .NET library with a SSIS script task.

  1. Register Rebex SFTP for use in SSIS (as described in "HOWTO: Registering SFTP and FTP/SSL for use in SSIS package")
  2. Add new Script Task
  3. Modify the script via the "Desing script" in "Properties dialog". The Visual Studio for Applications IDE pops up.
  4. Add reference to the DLLs in the Project Explorer window.
  5. Add the code to connect, transfer files or do whatever you want as described in SFTP tutorial.