Render ANSI high intensity text without bold, and ANSI high intensity background as either that, or blink

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asked Apr 11, 2012 by ender (260 points)
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Rebex currently doesn't seem to have an option to not render the high-intensity (e[1m) sequence as just that, without also making the font bold. It also handles the blink/high intensity background sequence (e[5m) quite differently from other terminals - it makes the text bright instead of background (which is what I'd actually like \e[1m to do).

Compare the output of the following bash one-liner in rebex and other terminals:

for b in seq 40 47; do for c in seq 30 37; do echo -e "\033[0;$c;$b""m $c;$b \033[1m $c;$b;1 \033[0m033[0;$c;$b;5m $c;$b;5 \033[1m $c;$b;5;1 \033[0m"; done; done

P.S.: why does this form insert > Blockquote whenever I press \ (which is AltGr+Q on my keyboard)?

commented Apr 12, 2012 by Lukas Matyska (61,230 points)
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We are not able to reproduce the "AltGr+Q" issue. Can you please provide us: Keyboard layout, OS version and language, Browser version you use?

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answered Apr 12, 2012 by Lukas Matyska (61,230 points)
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The two sequences are a little bit problematic. We found these definitions:

\e[1m: Bold or increased intensity. It is driven by terminal.Options.SelectGraphicRendition1.

\e[5m: Slowly blinking (less then 150 per minute). It is driven by terminal.Options.BlinkingText.

\e[6m: Rapidly blinking (150 per minute or more). It is driven by terminal.Options.BlinkingText.

We are going to add an option to decide behavior for these sequences. I will post a sample code when it is released. If you want beta version, please let us know.

UPDATE: Since version 2012 R3, you can change the behavior of \e[1m like this:

terminal.Options.SelectGraphicRendition1 = SelectGraphicRendition1.LightColor

Default of the \e[5m and \e[6m sequences is:

terminal.Options.BlinkingText = BlinkingText.LightBackColor
commented Apr 13, 2012 by Stefan Koell (270 points)
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Hey Lukas, if you have a beta with those enhancements, I'm interested to implement and test it for you.

cheers, Stefan

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answered Apr 12, 2012 by ender (260 points)
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I like the way PuTTY handles e[1m: it gives you an option to use either bold, or bright (though not both at once).

e[5m is usually handled as bright background - this is probably due to historical reasons - in PC character mode, setting the background color to values 8 to 15 would either make the foreground blink while using low-intensity background (this was the default), or it would set the background color to high-intensity (for which you had to do a BIOS call first IIRC). Most terminal emulators use this second meaning (xterm is the only one I know that actually makes the text blink, but IMHO that's annoying - I didn't like blinking text even in DOS days).

As for e[6m, I don't know if anything actually uses this (quick check shows that PuTTY treats it as e[5m [high-intensity background], and xterm ignores it, so it's unlikely I'd notice).

The AltGr+Q issue might actually be a bug in Opera 12 alpha - I just checked with some other browsers (including Opera 11.62), and it indeed doesn't happen there (my keyboard layout it Slovenian).

commented Apr 13, 2012 by Lukas Matyska (61,230 points)
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Thank you for detailed explanation. Also we decided to change the default behavior of the mentioned sequences to be handled same way as PuTTY and xterm do.

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answered Apr 13, 2012 by ender (260 points)
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BTW, I just noticed that all \backslashes in my posts are gone (I'm pretty sure I saw them after posting - backslash is AltGr+Q in Slovenian keyboard layout).

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This is because backslash is an escape character in the MarkDown syntax used by this Q/A engine. It's same as in string literals in C# - you have to use double backslashes '\\'. Sorry for inconvenience. I've updated your question and added double backslashes where needed.