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Hi Team, we have integrated Rebext FTP components (Version 6.0.8432.0) in our .Net application.

We got an error "521 Not logged in - Secure authentication required" while connecting the FTP. But it works fine when we connect from FileZilla.

How can we set the below mentioned encryption properties in Rebex?

Use explicit FTP over TLS if available

Thanks & Regards
Naga Suresh D

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Hi, just add SslMode.Explicit argument to Ftp.Connect method, as shown here:

By the way, do you have an active support contract? I can't find any contract (active or expired) associated with your email or company. Please let us know to ensure quick response time in the future!

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Thanks for the information Lukas.

After I implemented the SslMode.Explicit argument to Ftp.Connect method, I got this error.

Server certificate was rejected by the verifier because of an unknown certificate authority.

Please help to resolve the issue. Thank you.
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See our KB article.
HOWTO: Solve the “Server certificate was rejected by the verifier” exception