Rebex version - Secure FTP ?

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asked Apr 13, 2011 by NetDev (120 points)
edited Apr 13, 2011

We are using Rebex version in one of our project. Does this version support secured connection?

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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answered Apr 13, 2011 by Martin Vobr (12,950 points)
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No, Rebex FTP version (released in November 2003) does not support FTP/SSL, sorry.

The first version with FTP/SSL support is version (released in December 2004).

If you want to upgrade to current version of Rebex FTP/SSL please sent us info about your original order (such as order number or email used when purchasing the version). This will enable us to send you a discounted upgrade link. You can reach us at

Following article might help you choose the correct variant of "Secure FTP" component:

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