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Hi , I am using Rebex FileTransfer pack version 2019 V4, if we renew support for this license will it support new .NET version 8 along with older .net frameworks ?
Or do we have to buy new license to use with in new .NET 8 Projects?

Please advice along with costs associated with it.

Thank You!

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL, Rebex SFTP

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Hi, the first version of Rebex File Transfer Pack that has been tested with .NET 8 and is supported on this platform is v7.0.8755 published in November 2023.

Rebex File Transfer Pack 2019 R4 features Rebex v5.0.x API. Although this API version is not supported on .NET 8 (and is actually out-of-support on all platforms since 2023-10-10), the current Rebex v7.0.x API is still almost 99% compatible with the v5.0.x API, and is supported on all commonly-used .NET platforms: .NET Framework 3.5, 4.x and .NET 5/6/7/8.

For a list of possible breaking changes, see the release notes for File Transfer Pack R6.0.

You can purchase an upgrade with a discount if your support contract ended recently. Otherwise, a new license is needed. For detailed information, see our upgrades and discounts policy and contact sales@rebex.net if you have any questions.

Note: Rebex File Transfer Pack 2019 R4 includes binaries for .NET Framework 4.6 and .NET Standard 2.0 libraries, which can be referenced from .NET 8 projects. However, having been released more than 4 years ago, they have never been tested with .NET 8 and are definitely not going to work properly. Using that combination in production environments is not supported and strongly discouraged.