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Hi Team,

I have deployed the servers (FTP/SFTP/SCP/SYSLOG Server) but the problem is the server goes down if the windows OS reboots.

Is there any function I can use from REBEX to check the current status of these services if running/stopped etc. and restart it.

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  • We have no FTP server yet (we are working on it)
  • For SFTP/SCP you can use IsRunning property
  • For Syslog server, there is no property to check

However, the best way to check whether the server is running is to establish a connection to the server. If it succeeds the server is ready, if not the service is not usable. In that case, you can try to restart the service, but it can also mean that there is another kind of error such as wrong configuration, disk/network issue, etc. which will require admin interaction.

If you installed the servers as services, just set the Startup type to Automatic. This will ensure that the service will be started after OS reboot.
Open "Services", select the desired service, open "Properties". On the "General" tab you can set the Startup type.

You can also configure restart actions on failure - on "Recovery" tab (or you can use Sc failure command).