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I want to access to the timestamp from the syslog message itself. How can i do that?

There is not a property in the SyslogMessage for the message timestamp, even though I can see it in Wireshark.

However there is a property for the messageReccieved Timestamp. My requirements do not allow me to use the later.


Applies to: Syslog

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This seems to be an omission. We'll look into it for the R5.5 release!

Update: R5.5 adds SyslogMessageReceivedEventArgs.Timestamp property (available for messages received by a server).

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Hi Lukas,

I noticed that 5.5 was released and the change log made no mention to this being fixed. Can you provide an update?
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Actually, the Timestamp property did made it into R5.5 - see https://www.rebex.net/doc/api/Rebex.Net.SyslogMessage.Timestamp.html for details. Please give it a try and let us know whether it's suitable for your needs.

Also, thanks for letting us know about the missing release note. We'll fix that.