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We're trying to use the proxy to send out information using TLS 1.2 instead of 1.0 that our ERP system uses with our tax integration partner. We're running into an issue where the ERP is using the dynamic port range of 49152-65535 to send out the information, so it changes every time information goes out. Here's our current .yaml file that we're using:

- name: avatax-outbound
port: 60330
protocol: TLS
tlsVersions: TLS10
address: avatax.avalara.net
port: 443
protocol: TLS
tlsVersions: TLS12
certificatePath: C:\Program Files\RebexTlsProxy-v1.6.1\x64\localproxy.pfx
idleTimeout: 30

How can we go about updating this to handle the port range that the application uses to send out information?

Applies to: Rebex TLS

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to handle dynamic ports with Rebex TLS Proxy. And we have no plans to add such possibility. It would require to parse the communication and interpret the application protocol to extract required port information.

The idea of Rebex TLS Proxy is to provide simple "TLS adapter". Above that we added support for HTTP protocol and SMTP-with-explicit-TLS protocol. We are thinking about adding HTTP CONNECT proxy feature. Other protocols are currently not planned. We are sorry.