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We are currently investigating different C# FTP options that will integrate into a custom application. I'm hoping you can answer the following integration question:

Does FTP for .NET support concurrent FTP connections. To be more precise, does FTP for .NET support concurrent FTP connections to the same client from the same application/machine?


Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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With Rebex FTP, you can establish multiple concurrent FTP connections from the same application/machine/client to the same FTP server or to multiple different FTP servers.

Each Rebex.Net.Ftp object represents a single FTP connection and you can use many instances of these objects in your applications – it doesn't really matter whether they are connected to the same FTP server or difference FTP servers.

(Please note that some FTP servers are configured to only allow a certain number of connections from a single IP address - of course, any such limitation then applies to all FTP clients connecting to it, including Rebex FTP.)