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I am trying to connect to SFTP through .net application using usename and private key.But below error message is thrown: A supplied public key was not accepted by the server or the user name is incorrect

Though i am able to login using same username and private key through filezila.

Kindly provide solution for this issue ASAP.

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To make it possible to tell what us going on and make Rebex SFTP behave just like FileZilla, please send us these two logs:

  1. Rebex SFTP log. This is simple – just add one line to your code.

  2. Filezilla log. This is slightly more complicaed – check out this screenshot to see how to configure FileZilla to produce a log. Don't forget to restart FileZilla afterwards.

Either add these logs to your question or mail them to support@rebex.net Thanks!