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Hi people of Rebex,

We are using the SFtp component (3.0.6821.0).
When connecting to an external SFTP server (not configured by our firm) from our Dev Visual Studio we can connect via username and password.

When trying to connect via our deployed environment we get the message [A public key corresponding to the supplied private key was not accepted by the server or the user name is incorrect.]. Same credentials, same host.

I unfortunately have to possibility to provide logrecords now, since the logging part is not setup very quickly. I would appreciate it if you have some tips & tricks to solve this.


Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Are you connecting to the same SFTP server from your Dev environment and the deployed environment? If yes, a log produced using Sftp object's LogWriter in the Dev environment (showing a LogLevel.Verbose log of the Connect method) might be very useful to give us an idea of what ciphers the server supports.