What causes SFTP Authentication Error?

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asked Sep 13, 2011 by DavidAyton (120 points)
edited Sep 14, 2011

We are setting up an SFTP connection to a Solaris server (something that we have achieved in the past).

I have generated a key and sent the private part to the server administrator.

When trying to connect (using the Rebex simple WinForm SFTP Client) I get the error

15:56:55.089 Error Info: Rebex.Net.SshException: Authentication method not supported. Supported methods: 'gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic,publickey,password,keyboard-interactive'.

I did try to connect using the WinSCP tool but it would not accept the format of the private key; neither would it convert it.

Any helpful advice?

Applies to: Rebex SFTP
commented Sep 13, 2011 by Lukas Pokorny (126,870 points)
edited Sep 13, 2011

Hello, which version of Rebex SFTP do you use? (It should be at the top of WinForm SFTP Client's log.)

commented Sep 14, 2011 by DavidAyton (120 points)
edited Sep 14, 2011

This is the top of the log with the version (2.0.3333.0) in it:

15:54:29.043 Info Info: Connecting to xx.xx.xx.xx:22 using Sftp 2.0.3333.0. 15:54:29.965 Info Info: Server: SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_1.1.3 15:54:29.965 Info Info: Fingerprint: xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx 15:54:29.965 Info Info: Cipher info: SSH 2.0, DiffieHellmanGroupExchangeSHA1, DSS, 256bit AES/256bit AES, SHA1/SHA1

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answered Sep 14, 2011 by DavidAyton (120 points)

It looks like the guy at the Solaris end fixed this. It seems that the password associated with the login had expired. He reset it and it's ok.

Why the password matters when I'm not using it I have no idea .........

commented Sep 15, 2011 by Lukas Pokorny (126,870 points)
Thanks for letting us know you got this solved! Some Rebex SFTP error messages were enhanced since 2.0.3333.0 (more than 2 years old now), so it looks quite possible that the one you got was somewhat misleading.