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We faced with one more issue with Rebex Imap component. When we get info about the email through code like this:

ImapMessageInfo messageInfo = _imap.GetMessageInfo(uniqueId, ImapListFields.FullHeaders | ImapListFields.MessageStructure);

var messageParts = messageInfo.GetParts();

we can see, that the email contains set of (image) attachments, that has kind ImapMessagePartKind.LinkedResource

The issue is that when we get the same email through _imap.GetMailMessage(uniqueId),

attachment collection count is 0.

What should we do to get linked resources objects through in MailMessage object?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Linked resources are stored within the LinkedResourceCollection class. Please use the MailMessage.Resources property instead of the MailMessage.Attachments one.