Buru SFTP Server 1.7.3 x86 sidegrade to 64 bit - how to export/import user database

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asked 2 days ago by akozma (120 points)

We noticed that the Buru SFTP server v1.7.3 x86 version accepts all capitalized username at login in our prod system. Basically this version is case-insensitive as far as the username is concerned.

This causes some confusions because on our test system we installed the server's 64bit v1.7.3 version and that enforces the correct case for username.

We would like to install the server's v1.7.3 64bit version on our prod system but not sure how to export/import the user database.

Can you give us a detailed description to how to achieve this "side"-grade?

Appreciate your help!

1 Answer

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answered 2 days ago by Lukas Paluzga (680 points)

The user database is the same for 32 and 64 bit so you can simply copy the file config/users.ldb from one installation to another.

Hope it helps