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Using Rebex HTTPS Legacy, we want to profit from TLS Session Resumption to save energy, time and data consumption on our mobile devices.

There are two methods reusing a TLS Session with TLS 1.2:

  1. Session resumption with ID/Caching according to RFC 5246

  2. Session resumption with Tickets according to RFC 5077

Our server only supports the 2nd, Session resumption with Tickets, as I can see in the SSL Labs report for acm.reservix.io in the section Protocol Details:

 Session resumption (caching): No (IDs assigned but not accepted)
 Session resumption (tickets): Yes

Which of the two methods does the Rebex HTTPS Legacy library support?

Where in the Rebex protocol can I see, whether a TLS Session was reused/resumed?

Applies to: Rebex HTTPS, Rebex TLS

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Unfortunately, Rebex HTTPS only supports session resumption with ID/caching (RFC 5246). Session resumption with tickets (RFC 5077) is not supported.

Rebex HTTPS currently offers no API to determine whether HTTPS connection's underlying TLS session has been reused/resumed, but it can be determined from a communication log ("Trying to resume session" log message indicates session resumption attempt, "Resuming session" indicates actual resumption).