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Why HttpRequestCreator.Settings.SslSession is always null? I want to reuse tls session, but i can't get it since it is not saved in settings

Applies to: Rebex TLS
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one more question. if i use tlssocket to get session and then use the session in HttpRequestCreator.Settings.SslSession, will it use TLS session resumption?
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Unfortunately not. In Rebex HTTP the TLS sessions are resumed based on the internal TLS session cache only.

Please note that HttpRequestCreator serves to create HTTP requests for multiple domains, but the HttpRequestCreator.Settings.SslSession would be usable for single domain only.

However, it seems to be a useable solution for cases where resuming TLS session for single domain is enough.

We decided to add this feature to one of the next versions.

If you already bought the Rebex HTTP, please send us your order details to support@rebex.net and I will send you link to beta version with this feature when it is ready.

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Please note that TLS sessions are resumed automatically in Rebex HTTP (unlike in other Rebex components).

For reusing TLS connections you just need to use the same instance of the HttpRequestCreator class for creating multiple requests. The HttpRequestCreator has cache of TLS session.

You can disable TLS session resumption using the HttpRequestCreator.Settings.SslSessionCacheEnabled property.

At the moment, you cannot access underlying TLS sessions used by the created HTTP requests.

If you need it, please let us know and also describe your use case for handling TLS sessions separately.