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According to the release notes of Rebex HTTPS for .NET in versions 2020 R5 and 2019 R3.6 there are news concerning Ed25519:

  • Cryptography: Added built-in support for Ed25519 algorithm.
  • Cryptography: AsymmetricKeyAlgorithm.ImportKey method can initialize Ed25519 key from seed (in addition to private key).
  • Cryptography: Added Ed25519 support to Certificate class. (Not yet supported by the built-in certificate validator).

Do we still need to …

  1. ship Rebex.Ed25519.dll with the application?
  2. execute AsymmetricKeyAlgorithm.Register(Ed25519.Create); within the application?
Applies to: Rebex HTTPS

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You don't need to (1) and (2) any more, it's now optional.

However, the build-in Ed25519 implementation is still a bit slower than the plugin, so it might make sense to keep using the plugin for now, in particular on legacy platforms. Alternatively, try turning off the plugin by commenting out the AsymmetricKeyAlgorithm.Register call, and see whether performance is affected in your scenarios before deciding whether to remove the plugin.