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on the moved message (copy and delete orignal one) the message id remains unchanged. So maybe it's a good way to search for this message id after operation, and get the MessageInfo (UniqueID) as search result. But at the moment i don't know how to search for the message id? Can you recommend this way?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Yes, this is possible and looks like a good idea:

' select the target folder
imap.SelectFolder("Target Folder")

' search for messages with the specified messageId in "Message-Id" header
Dim list as ImapMessageCollection = imap.Search(ImapListFields.UniqueId, ImapSearchParameter.Header("Message-Id", messageId))

' of the number of messages found is not 1, report error
If list.Count <> 1 Then
    Throw New ApplicationException("None or multiple message found.")
End If

' get the new message ID
Dim newUniqueId As String = list(0).UniqueId

Please note that not all messages are guaranteed to have message ID, and not all message IDs are guaranteed to be unique (because they are generated by the sender). However, the code above should work in almost all cases.