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We would like to buy 1 developer license "Rebex File Transfer Pack". How much it will cost , Is it one time payment or require renewal charges?

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Rebex File Transfer Pack, 1 developer license, (binaries for mainstream platforms) costs US $699.
You can see the prices of all our products and licensing options here: https://www.rebex.net/shop
The license is perpetual. You can use the purchased version of our product as long you wish so. There are not any other charges.

When you buy our license, you will also receive a 1 year of Rebex Support Contract with the download right for our new updates.
Support Contract can be optionally renewed for another year(s). The renewal price for mainstream edition of our products is 50% of the product price.
To learn more about Rebex Support Contract see: https://www.rebex.net/shop/support-contract/

To get a quote for specific license please contact: support@rebex.net.