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I am getting a "The channel has been closed" error when trying to test the upload ability of the SSH class. I've read about turning off compression, but understand it is off by default. The login to the connection works because downloads, lists, etc. all work.

Any thoughts would help me a lot. I have the most recent build og the DLLs.


THE CODE THAT FAILS ========================================

Dim hostname As String = ""
Dim username As String = "retalixftp"
Dim password As String = "R3tal1x01"
Dim port As Integer = 22
 Dim keyPath As String = System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory() & "privkey_openssh_unencrypted.pem"

Dim privateKey As SshPrivateKey = New SshPrivateKey(keyPath, "")
sftp.Connect(hostname, port)
' authenticate  
sftp.Login("retalixftp", Nothing, privateKey)
' check fingerprint
Dim f As String = sftp.Fingerprint
If f <> "6c:48:31:1a:d1:6c:01:2e:c1:c9:78:c9:d6:36:9d:ae" Then
End If

Dim localPath As String = "C:\RetalixStore\Inbox\test.zip"
Dim remotePath As String = "../inbox/test.zip"

Dim bytes As Long = s.PutFile(localPath, remotePath) 
Debug.Print("Received:" & CStr(bytes))

' disconnect  
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Which version of Rebex SFTP do you use? Unless it's 2.0.3723.0, compression still needs to be turned off (see http://forum.rebex.net/questions/58/sftp-channel-has-been-closed). If this doesn't help, please send us a communication log produced using Sftp object's LogWriter property (see http://www.rebex.net/kb/logging.aspx).
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Hello, is there any news on this?

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Compression is only off by default in Rebex SFTP 2.0.3723.0 and Rebex SSH Shell 1.0.3723.0. According to our database, you downloaded the new version of Rebex SFTP few days after asking the question, so hopefully you have already solved this issue. If you are still experiencing any problems, please let us know.