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We have a windows service built in .net core where we are using FileTransferClient version 4.0.6930 for our SFTP operations.

We have noticed that when multiple sftp uploads are happening in parallel (~50) and we try to stop the service, it does not stop. It prompts a dialog with error message The service cannot accept control message at this time.

We have to kill the service from task manager.

Why the service does not respond to close event?

Applies to: Rebex SFTP
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Can you please try it with the latest released version?
You can download full version from https://www.rebex.net/protected
Or you can download trial version from https://www.rebex.net/file-transfer-pack/download.aspx

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Unfortunately, Rebex SFTP is not fully asynchronous yet, so 50 parallel transfers could be a bit too much. We plan big improvements in this area in the future.