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I am trying to upload files to the SFTP server using following code

bool FolderFlag = CreateDirectoryInSFTP(SFTPpath);
            if (FolderFlag)
                if ((System.IO.File.Exists(localFileName)))
                    objsftpRebex.Upload(localFileName, SFTPpath, 0, 0, ActionOnExistingFiles.OverwriteAll);

Where localFileName will be like

string localFileName = @"D:\Temp1\489892\ModifiedFile\AG-Modified
Department of Housing and Urban Development Notice to Targets.pdf";

And SFTPpath is a big string having more than 250 characters

SFTPpath=@"/uploads/TargetBridge/Target Setup 3/Target-Outgoing/Modifeid Target
Docs/59976/42afa102-8bee-454c-bc57-6b3b8edb721a/ Target Department of
Housing and Urban Development Notice to Modification/AG-Target of
Housing and Urban Development Notice to Modification/

But this code is not working getting error like No such file; File not found.

When the SFTPpath is smaller in length this code is working absolutely fine. Please tell me what is happening while target SFTP path is too long ? or is there any other ways to handle these kind of long directories,files in SFTP?

Applies to: Rebex SFTP
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able to create long directories but file operations like upload and rename are failed.

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The error is server side. It seems that the server cannot work with long paths.

Possible solutions:

  1. Use shorter paths.
  2. Ask server vendor, whether there is a possibility to enable support of long paths.
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Thanks @Lukas Matyska for the reply,seems like server issue only. Not able to upload the same file using filezilla also. Let me check after contacting them.