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I upgraded to TotalPackage to support Socks5 over HTTP(s).
Socsk5 works very well by changing all HTTP related functions.
By the way, I could not solve one thing.
We use System.Net.WebSockets.ClientWebSocket.
WebSocket seems to be running basic WebProxy but not Socks5.
If I want to use Socks5 Proxy on WebSocket, please advise what to do.
I also want to ask if you have a plan to create a WebSocket Client

Thank you.

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We are currently working on a WebSocket client and we are almost done.
It supports the same proxy types as other Rebex components.
Please check out the beta version at Rebex Labs.

Update: The WebSocket client is now a fully-supported component available at https://www.rebex.net/websocket/ and it is also a part of the Rebex Total Pack.