VPN connection with CE7

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asked Oct 29, 2018 by Saphymo (160 points)

Hello Rebex Community,
I know that this question does not belong here, but it may still be that Rebex offers a solution to the problem.
I want to establish a VPN (L2TP) connection in Ce7. Is there anything in the Rebex library? If no, you might have an idea where to find such a library?
Currently I'm trying it on OpenNetCF but it seems to me to be incompatible for CE7 ...
Thank you very much
Best regards

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answered Oct 29, 2018 by Lukas Pokorny (126,870 points)


We just added a simple connection-establishing API, an it looks like extending this to support VPNs might be quite straightforward. We will give this a try and let you know soon.

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Hello, what is the current situation? Can I hope for the help of Rebex?
commented Nov 7, 2018 by renestein (3,990 points)
Hi Saphymo,
as my colleague Lukas promised,  we will give this a try. We are now busy with another tasks, so please expect the beta build near the end of the november. Please be aware that Windows CE 7 Connection manager may have some bugs or incompatible changes (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37971229/windows-embedded-compact-7-connection-manager), so do not set your hope too high, because it is not feasible for us to solve all problems on all possible builds/flavors of Windows CE 7 for specific devices.

In the meantime, could you please describe what is wrong with OpenNetCF? Do you have problems only with connection manger, or you were not able to compile/reference OpenNetCF on Win CE7 at all?
commented Nov 7, 2018 by Saphymo (160 points)
Hello Rebex community,
many thanks for your help. I did not expect this.
As far as OpenNetCF.dll is concerned, there are problems in the Dial function in which calling RasSetEntryProperties + RasDial (called from coredll.dll) does not work.
A connection node is created and tries to connect to the server but the connection fails and sets a strange error in the operating system so that you can not establish a new connection to the server. Only a restart of the system resets the error.
Yours sincerely
Manuel Demandt
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Hi Manuel,
you are welcome. Thanks for the info about OpenNetCF!  I'll keep you in the loop.
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I am noticing here that we are continuing our discussion using the Rebex support email.