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using sftp
doing getFile
was working with trial. Now downloads file but then errors

EDILock = {object}
Value -532462766

using visual studio c#

Steps taken:
1)uninstalled trial
2)delete references from C# app
3)installed release
4)added reference back to C# app

sign in no problem, get list of files no problem. Just issue with GetFile

File does create in destination folder but is 0 bytes.


    public void get()

        // transfer the file
        long bytes;
            if (remotePath.IndexOf(matchString) > 1)
                bytes = ftp.GetFile(remotePath, remotePath);
        catch (Exception ex)
Applies to: Rebex SFTP

1 Answer

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A COMPlusExceptionCode error doesn't seem to be related to Rebex FTP/SSL because we don't use COM.

However, a communication log should help us to determine what is going on. Please use Ftp object's LogWriter property to create a communication and error log and either post it here or mail it to support@rebex.net for analysis.