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I have couple questions regarding the SshChannel.
What is the ExtendedDataReceived event for? (What is extended data?)

Does the SendBreak() simply send the 0xFF 0xF3 to the host?
What is it for and what is the meaning of breaklength parameter?


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It provides data received by SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_EXTENDED_DATA packet.
This is typically used by the server for stderr.

Data provided by the Receive() method corresponds to SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_DATA packets. It is typically used by the server for stdout.


Implements Session Channel Break Extension defined by RFC 4335.
The breaklength parameter is:

Break length, in milliseconds

It corresponds to break-length field in the packet:

    uint32    recipient channel
    string    "break"
    boolean   want_reply
    uint32    break-length in milliseconds