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We use rebex .net component for the correct work with FTP Server.

After the uploading file to FTP, the construction client.GetInfo(path, false) returns null. But the file is uploaded on FTP successfully!

We tried to install the latest version of rebex .dll but it didn't resolve the issue.

Any suggestions?

We attached the verbose log.

[log removed by moderator]

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Hi, this is apparently caused by a bug in the FTP server. GetInfo method uses MLST FTP command when available, and although your FTP server claims to support it, the response it provided violates the specification in RFC 3659.

The server provided the following response:

250- Listing SqlBakTestFile.bak
250 End

However, that response lacks the the "SP pathname" part, which caused our parser to silently skip it. A correct response would look like this:

250- Listing SqlBakTestFile.bak
 Type=file;Size=30;Perm=r;Modify=20180711134723; SqlBakTestFile.bak
250 End

The proper solution would be to report this bug to the FTP server vendor and ask them to fix it. We could add a workaround for it as well, but fixing the cause of the issue is should be preferred when possible.