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I'm currently trying the Rebex SFTP DLL.

I want to upload a file with the PutFile method.
I pass data to this method as a MemoryStream.

All works fine, no exception, no error in the log file.

But the file's size on the sever is always 0 byte.

Please note I'm using the trial version... Is it the cause of the problem ?

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Hello, can you please share your code here (work with MemoryStream and PutFile() method is enough).

Please, ensure that you have correct MemoryStream.Position before you call the PutFile() method.

For example:

// initialize MemoryStream
var ms = new MemoryStream();
ms.Write(someByteArray, 0, 4);

// reset MemoryStream.Position
ms.Position = 0;

// upload data from MemoryStream to server
sftpClient.PutFile(ms, "filename.txt");
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Yes, it works !

The problem was the Position property that need to be set to 0.

Thank you for your help !