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Hi, i'm evaluating to purchase the rebex full package and before to do it i have the below question.

I need to make a window service application on (Win 2003 32Bit, C# .Net 4) that uses sftp,imap and smtp connection.

I created a test application and it seems to work correctly.

The answer are:

  1. Is there some known problem using Rebex with Window Service? if yes, which are?
  2. I need to send mail with the flag "Reqest a Delivery Receipt" setted. If my smtp allows this operation i have back a report with the status of the delivery related to the message sent. Can i read recognize this Report with rebex?

Best Regards Enrico

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  1. There are no known problems with Window Service.

  2. I have just added new forum post describing how to request Delivery Status Notifications. It also contains usefull information about MailMessage properties, a class for parsing notification messages and sample code of use.