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You guys have a Syslog library in your labs which has not been updated since 2016.

What are your plans for this library? Are you going to make it official or open source it?



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Update: The Syslog library is now a fully-supported component available at rebex.net/syslog.

We don't have a definite plan for Syslog library yet. When we have one, we will update the Syslog library page.

However, we actively maintain and support the library, and there will be a new release soon that adds several minor features (such as an asynchronous SendAsync method).


Are you actively working in the RFC 5425 - TLS for Syslog feature?
A want to use it, asap.

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Are you interested in SyslogClient or SyslogServer?

I can send you beta version of SyslogClient today.
The beta of SyslogServer will be available next week.
I'm interested in both. Thank you. (I think you can see my e-mail address ;) )
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Yes, I see your email address.
I will send you beta version of both SyslogClient and SyslogServer ASAP. I think, it will be ready on Monday.
Thank you. I appeciate it.