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One of our clients uses livedrive, and gets an error during the download from ftp.livedrive.com

We tested this, and during the downloading, the following error occurs:

Rebex.Net.FtpException: Invalid FTP response (B0).

To reproduce this issue, we used test "Rebex" client with the latest "Rebex" library.

I attached the log.

Any ideas?


Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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Thank you for the logs, they helped a lot. The verbose log revealed a bug on the server side. It wrongly ended one response with double line ends which broke reading next response on client side. Fortunately, you can use

Ftp.Settings.EnableControlConnectionFlushing = true;

to workaround this invalid response. Using this setting our client reads and forgets all pending data after each response was successfully parsed, so the second line end will not interfere with the next response.

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We still have the issue with EnableControlConnectionFlushing = true.

I've attached our log.

Any ideas?

P.S. There is a Trial period for livedrive.com. You can try to connect to ftp.livedrive.com and reproduce this issue.

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can you please create a verbose log as you did before and send it back to us for analysis? You can set verbose log after you log in to the ftp server to omit security information of the user in the log.

P.S. I was not able to get trial access to the ftp.livedrive.com without a credit card information.
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Verbose log:

ftp.LogWriter = new CustomLogWriter(LogLevel.Verbose,log, "FTP-LOG: ");
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Has there been any development on this issue?
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Sorry for the lack of updates. Our analysis indicates that this is a server-side issue caused by a bug in LiveDrive's FTP server. Unfortunately, LiveDrive requires clients to submit credit card info to start a free trial (which seems to be a prerequisite to contacting their support), and they have not reacted to our inquiry on Twitter (https://twitter.com/rebexnet/status/973150107804815361) yet.

If you have a LiveDrive account, please try raising this issue at https://support.livedrive.com/ and keep us updated.