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I have a MessageId stored in the database associated to a MailMessage:


I need to find the EwsItemId associated to it so I can do ews operations with it.

Is it possible to retrieve the EwsItemId having only its MessageId?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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This feature was unfortunately not available. But, as this kind of search is essential, we decided to add it. Here is the link to the hotfix containing that improvement. It is available since Rebex Secure Mail 2018 R1.

The code below shows how to perform search by MessageId:

ewsClient.Search(EwsFolderId.Inbox, EwsSearchParameter.MessageId(mailMessage.MessageId.Id));
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Is this going to be available in some future release? We have paid for a license and we are planning on using this new feature on a production environment. Thanks
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Yes, this will be available in the next release. We post a notice here when it's available.